Thursday, February 1, 2007

buy your childrens future free

Maybe wondered how to buy your kid"s future for free? i know the answer. we come to be aware now of the fact that our future relies on how informed we are regarding everything we do in our lives. so, we need to know what we.ll be our future, through our kids eyes. we have the power in our hands and still we do nothing. why? we blame the system. ok, i agree it is a manipulative system, still there are so many windows we can get through. my aim is that we can by our efforts buy our children"s future for free - choosing the right information..the one that we feel it is right, the one that does not try to convinve that it is the perfect one for you and your kids in an aggressive way. try through your deep intuition to return to values and give credit to the real things.
therefore, kids shop- it is a magazine for parents in which i am trying to educate a taste, i am trying to disseminate true information - the one that helps our kids raise in a proper world for them - there are just a few brands that are everywhere on the market. nobody can.t do a thing because it is very difficult to obtain a place of your own on the market. those in marketing field consider that media moguls have the best intensions just because they promoted themselves aggressiveşy. the others, new in branch they are not credible, new projects are considered not worthy just because they don"t belong to a media trust. it is incredible how this system works. and therefore, you have access omly to certain information brought to you by a few players on the market. the other projects remain unknown to you. this is where i come and say . do not waste money on commercial things. there are now studies which explain exactly how most of the commercial products in the worlds are cancerigen, but still, because wee see them every day at tv, press etc, we buy them. stop for a moment and reconsider your values. do you intend to make even more rich some people that have not thought of the good of your family, of yourself, and try to see beyond this fog that stops us from noticing what is valuable. this is what i am trying to disseminate in Kids Shop, the pure information chosen in order to raise your kid healthy, not stressed, calmly, aware of the world around him...and the information is free because the magazine is freely distributed...and i don-t tell you the reticence i found from the major players...although the promote only in media trust, where the information is alwasy the same, just a bit cosmeticised, and the new projects remain beautiful in theory, but unsustainable in practice

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Keep up the good work.