Monday, September 3, 2007

online magazine for teens...what do you think it is best fot a teenager to find on a site dedicated to him/her? Music? Chat? Games? ..Porn? ...are these reliable points to build a site..or it can be added also cultural infomation, university time and schedules?
the design for a teen site must be provokative..attractive..colourfull, but not in a childish, is it difficult to attract the teen online market?
Besides games and music, teens don't seem ti be attracted by online market...girls by beauty, boys by gamea..still not a relevant, how can we build one?

advertising market

so to speak..we have a romanian advertising market...print, outdoor, for the last one...we can say we have a cabbage in growth or let's say a bloom.
there is a lot to say about online market and advertising, most of it goes to women sites, beauty portals, online magazines for women. So, are women the most reliable users in online advertising? are they making the rules in it? just by using online sites?
anyway it is a topic to debate..i can wait to hear some reactions!